1.- What´s the experience of Araiza proyectos?

Araiza proyectos was founded in 1986 under Mr. Raul Araiza leadership , conforming a team of professionals and highly trained personnel in the areas of electric engineering, design, setup and maintenance.

2.- what´s the work field of Araiza proyectos ?

With over a hundred of satisfied customers and the participation in a innumerable projects in sectors such as industrial, government and commercial , in Araiza Proyectos we have always worked with energy giving light to all of our customers ideas

3.- What is electric design?

Electric design consists in the thorough project analysis where the use and flow of electricity is involved, providing with this not only the correct functioning of devices and setup’s but that they also provide safety and efficient energy consumption as a lower cost in the setup and operation.

4.- What is the advantage in the electric materials acquisition trough Araiza Proyectos?

The relationship that Araiza Proyectos has built in more than 20 years in the electric industry gives us the opportunity to offer all the advantages of the leading brands, strengthening this with the vast product knowledge that guaranties the absolute security in your project.

5.- How often should I provide maintenance to my electric installations?

The daily operation of electric equipment require of an adequate and timely preventive or corrective maintenance, the first, recommended every year to avoid costly repairs and guaranteeing the optimal operation of your electric system and equipment, obtaining with this a higher productivity, as a clear reduction of power consumption.

6.- What’s a CORRECTIVE maintenance?

The CORRECTIVE maintenance, it’s a specific action directed in giving you higher security for the electric system and the equipments obtaining with this a higher productivity, as you clearly save electricity, also preventing devices and equipment from overheating that will lead to their damage.

7.- What’s a sub-station?

In every industrial or commercial facility it’s indispensable the use of energy, service continuity and the energy quality consumed by the different equipments , as the required for lighting must be regulated trough an electric sub-station that is composed by a set of devices, protections and a transformer, that have the function of modifying the power parameters , allowing the control of power flow, providing security for the electric system and equipments achieving with this a higher productivity, as a clear reduction of power consumption.

8.- Does a sub-station generate considerable savings?

Yes!! a sub-station generates considerable savings in energy consumption, in some cases up to 45% according to the rates published in the power company web page

9.- Can I obtain credit for my projects?

Yes!! ARAIZA PROYECTOS has moral and economic solution allowing us to support our customers with an direct credit line with 0 interests. Or with an external credit line without collateral.